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Bore Repair

On this page we will take a detailed look at Bore welding and Lineboring.


Arguably, the most common place for portable lineboring repairs is the Earthmoving, Recycling and Forestry Equipment sectors.

High cyclic rates, heavy loads, constant pounding and pulling at pinned joints, operation under water and mud as well as in abrasive materials, broken pins, smashed bearings and sometimes inadequate maintenance intervals all lead to eventual wear or failure of pin and bearing bores. Most of our work is on some kind of earthmoving machinery.

Front End Loaders and Hydraulic Excavators and their work tools seem to be the two most popular items.




Lets have a look at a typical excavator stick and bucket connection. It rotates constantly, pulls on huge rocks and ledge, operates under water or in sand. They get pulled on from every angle it seems. It is a wonder they last as long as they do in the first place.

One has to view the stick end of an excavator like they would any other consumable part. They wear out & must be rebuilt or parts replaced at some interval.





The photo on the right shows what letting things go too long can do for you. We did not repair this machine, but I did go look at it and took this picture. As you can see the pin bores in the bucket are completely gone and the pin must move around around in those holes three inches. It was a mess. Most of our customers call us long before this point. It is a lot less expensive.








With the ability to not only repair and machine bores, but to build up and machine face surfaces W.T.Jones LLC can rebuild your machinery to like new tolerances and get rid of those added spacers & shims that get installed along the way to take up side to side end play.


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