Rules for images

The images used on this web site are copyrighted and the property of Warren T. Jones and may not be used for any purpose without consent. In the past some of my images were lifted from my previous web site & used for commercial advertisement by competing enterprises without my knowledge or consent. These images were often used as examples of work done by the person who stole the image. When in fact it was my work. This will not be tolerated. If you would like to use an image you see on my site, ask permission & commercial users will pay a fee

one exception

Unaltered images clearly showing my trademark & copyright symbol may be posted on non commercial discussion forums such as antique tractor or machinery forums, welding forums, blog's etc... to be used as an example or to help illustrate a point or topic of conversation. Photo credit must be given.

Contact me For more information regarding image use

Thank you for your cooperation & understanding on this important matter.


Warren T Jones

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