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Industrial Bore Repair

When a machine bore becomes damaged due to wear, misuse, cyclic loading or any other the other factors that cause machinery to wear out, they often can be economically repaired onsite by automatic bore welding & portable line boring. Using portable tools has several advantages. Among them are:


Major disassembly can often be avoided. Heavy or large parts do not need to be transported to a machine shop, Saving money and time. Repair time is lessened, thus providing for minimum downtime and loss of revenue.


The above photo is of a large metal shear that was located in a metal recycling yard in Rochester NY.


After the bores were welded to fill in the egg shape, on this application, new weld on boss rings were put in place and the portable boring bar was set in place to machine everything back to original size












This is the final result of the repair job:








This is just one example how onsite repair can save you time and money getting your machinery back up and running in minimal time.



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