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Recently Completed Jobs

Here are some highlights of jobs that have been done in the past few months.

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Powell Stone & Gravel Inc, Lunnenburg Massachusetts

January 2010









John Deer 450 excavator was in the shop for some major work. One job was to rebuild stick nose and bucket, there was over 3/4 inch of side play. The stick end was built up and the bores were welded. Then everything was bored & faced back to original dimensions. The bucket was also built up then subsequently bored & faced as required.


April 2010

Rochester New Hamshire. E.D Swett Inc.

American Model 7460 Crane





The crane boom pins were loose in the mounting ear bores on the machinery deck, the bores were worn oversised by nearly .100 inch

The machinery deck bores were machined and a factory provided hardend repair bushing was fit in place. New bearings were inserted in crane boom foot and the repair time was one day.
















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